During that time, I lost all my hope. As a mother, I wanted my daughter to grow like any other children. I wanted her to walk and run and see her play with her peers and send her to school, but how?

Evana Divine was only 1 year old when she was hospitalized because of asthma. She was also diagnosed with late development and mild cerebral palsy. During that time, I lost all my hope. As a mother, I wanted my daughter to grow like any other children. I wanted her to walk and run and see her play with her peers and send her to school, but how? She could not even move her body and cannot even utter a word. Another year passed by with full of fears because Evana did not show any progress in her condition. Everyday, I prayed to God to give me strength and helped me find a specialist who can assist us for her to walk and say words.

God is good and He answered my prayers. I will always remember that day. Before the 2nd birthday of Evana, I heard about NORFIL’s orientation in our municipality for children and youth with disabilities which I attended. That day, I started building hopes and dreams again for my little girl. I always make sure that I am always present in every meeting and all the training of NORFIL.

The first Home Program that was given to her was set of activities and exercises to strengthen her neck muscles and improve her head control. Another Home program was on exercises on both upper and lower extremities, and sitting balance tolerance. I learned how to take good care of my daughter and how to do exercises for her. Every step in the Home Program provided to us, I made sure that everyday we have time to do it.

At three years old, Evana made good progress, her head control improved and started improving her sitting and walking balance with the help of the walker that was given by NORFIL. Little by little Evana had shown improvement in her performance in social, mobility and cognitive skills. She could now play with other children outside our house, could scribble when given crayons, could express her wants and can respond by saying stuttered words. You could see the smile on her face whenever you call her name.Last year she surprised everyone when she participated in a Mini Olympics and started to compete with other children in the 25 meters walk and she won the 1st place or gold medal. At present, she is attending Day Care class in our Barangay and will be participating in a moving up activity this coming March 2018. Next school year she will be enrolled in kindergarten class in Montero Elementary school, the same school of her older siblings.

I know our journey is not yet over, but with the “first step” that my daughter made, with the help of NORFIL, I know she can enjoy the life and be like other kids in our neighborhood.