Job Summary

  • Assist the Executive Director for the overall management and administration of
    programs and other services in accordance with the prescribed policies,
    procedures and guidelines of the organization; and
  • Primarily responsible for ensuring high quality, result-oriented program
    implementation, timely achievement of milestones and objectives, and
    sustainability of operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Direction and Planning

  • Assist the Executive Director in reviewing the targets of each units and programs
    and assess the strategic direction of NORFIL;
  • Oversee the different programs in planning and budgeting for the approval of the
    ED; and
  • Review the organizational structure and staffing strategy that can best support the
    attainment of NORFIL’s mission, vision, and goals with the support of Human Resource
    Officer and for the approval of the ED.

Leadership and Supervision

  • Supervise the Program Managers, Area Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, and Social Marketing Manager;
  •  Establish and calibrate performance standards; and
  • Monitor performance and institute corrective measures if needed.

Management and Administration

  • Review, recommend, sign and/or approve the following documents within her/his
    level of authority, prior submission to the ED:

    •  Promotion and personnel movements
    •  Organizational and Staffing modifications; and
    •  Performance Evaluation of Direct Reports.
  •  Recommend appropriate policies and systems to promote operational efficiency.
  •  Ensure the annual implementation of Program Audit. and
  • Ensure the annual implementation of Performance and People Development

Partnership Development and Management

  • Assist in identifying partner organizations and ensure that they will provide
    appropriate and sustainable support in the implementation of the projects;
  • Assist in the facilitation of Memorandum of Agreements between NORFIL and
    partner organizations;
  • Establish and maintain strong partnership with government, private sectors,
    NGOs, as well as with individual local and international donors to gain their
    continuing support to NORFIL;
  • Ensure the submission of program updates and annual accomplishment; and
  • Lead in the Fund-Raising drive of NORFIL ensuring its sustainability.

Intermittent Tasks:

  • Represent the Executive Director and/or the organization in meetings and other
    activities and events when and where needed; and
  • Perform other related functions as may be directed by the Executive Director.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Community Development
  • Master’s degree in Social Work, Community Development is an advantage
  • At least five (5) years of professional working experience in a child-welfare agency, community development or in related areas
  • At least three (3) years of supervisory experience
  • Preferably with experience working in an organization for children who are
    abandoned, neglected and children with disability


  •  Knowledgeable in Human Rights and Social Welfare Laws and Practices
  • Program Management (Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making Skills
  • Leadership and Collaboration Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Networking and Partnership Building
  •  Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Presentation Skills
  • Computer Literacy

Interested applicants may send their cover letter and resume to