Position Summary

Primarily responsible for ensuring the effective and efficient implementation of projects for stakeholders with Down Syndrome.

Duties and Responsibilities
Project Planning and Implementation
  • Prepare project proposals and budgetary requirements based on NORFIL’s strategic plans and plans of local partner organizations (LPOs)
  • Assess administrative and logistical requirements of project activities with support of Program Assistant and ensure that these are adequately provided during the activity proper
  • Coordinate with the Program Officer I and Finance Unit for funding needs of project activities
  • Prepare and submit the implementation plan of project activities based on the proposal approved by the PFID Program Manager
  • Gather the feedback of participants by preparing, consolidating and analyzing the results of post-activity evaluation and submit reports to PFID Program Manager
  • Coordinate with Program Assistant on entering reports in Pluriform
  • Prepare monthly and semi-annual accomplishment reports in consultation with Social Marketing Manager and submit to PFID Program Manager for approval
  • Submit the approved semi-annual and annual reports to the funder (Liliane Foundation)
Partnership Building and Maintenance
  • Coordinate with LPOs and other groups of stakeholders involved with the Down Syndrome project
  • Conduct monitoring visits to LPOs in consultation with Senior Program Supervisor and Program Officer I
  • Support the LPOs in organizing Down Syndrome parent support groups with technical support of Program Supervisor II or PFID Program Manager
  • Provide technical guidance to LPOs
  • Coordinate with other government and non-government organizations in matters concerning the Down Syndrome project


  • Attend meetings/seminars convened by NORFIL with recommending approval from PFID Program Manager and Executive Director
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the PFID Program Manager
  • Coordinate with the project consultant based on the results of project visit or technical support


  • Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies, Social Sciences and other related courses
  • Preferably with experience working with and for children and youth with disabilities (CYWD) or persons with disabilities (PWD) and their families
  • Preferably with volunteer experience working for CYWD/PWD or the sector of children
Interested applicants may send their cover letter and resume to norfilrecruitment@gmail.com