Position Summary

Primarily responsible for case management and direct implementation and supervision of Domestic Adoption programs and services.

Duties and Responsibilities
Case Management
  • Recruit and identify qualified prospective adoptive parents
  • Timely respond to inquiries, communication and reports on local adoption
  • Assess eligibility of Prospective Adoptive Applicants (individual or married couple) for local adoption.
  • Facilitate the completion and submission of social case study reports and/or home study reports and supporting documentary requirements for the domestic adoption application to DSWD
  • Monitor the status of adoptive applicants
  • Coordinate with concerned DSWD and CCA’s regarding placement and assist/support adoptive families on the implementation of placement/entrustment of children
  • Conduct regular supervisory visits to individuals/families and prepare progress reports/post-placement reports
  • Regular follow-up with the adoptive families on court status/update on the child’s Petition to Adoption until submission of a copy of decree/finality and amended birth certificate for case closure
  • Conduct Pre-Adoption Forum and prepare, issue and distribute Certificate of Participation
  • Regular attendance and active participation in the Local Matching Conference
  • Participate and represent the agency in dialogues/meetings/case conferences with the DSWD, CCAs and other stakeholders
  • Attend and prepare minutes of the meetings of adoptive families (NAP)
  • Assist NAP during seminars
  • Network with concerned agencies and promote Domestic Adoption programs and services
  • Develop, propose and distribute Information and Education Campaign materials on NORFIL’s Domestic Adoption programs and services
Other Related Tasks
  • Prepare and submit monthly/quarterly/semestral/annual updates, reports and activity plans to Immediate Supervisor
  • Provide assistance to the Program Manager on regular program operation, improvement and innovation
  • Provide guidance and technical assistance to Social Worker I when applicable
  • Mobilize community resources to help and facilitate rehabilitation and development of individuals/families
  • Prepare, maintain and update database of the total caseload
  • Prepare and submit caseload inventory to DSWD
  • Prepare and submit feedback reports as required
  • Provide comments on house bills/senate bills related to adoption
  • Attend meetings/seminars convened by the Immediate Supervisor and/or Executive Director
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Immediate Superior
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Two (2) to three (3) years of relevant social work experience
  • Willing to work with children and people with disabilities
  • Previous experience in a child-welfare agency is an advantage
Interested applicants may send their cover letter and resume to norfilrecruitment@gmail.com