Stories from the Field

27 Oct

Teachers Training

NORFIL’s Enabling Communities for Inclusion (ECFI) Program for children and youth with disabilities conducted disability sensitivity workshop and training on disability concepts, laws and inclusive education to 194 DepEd district supervisors, school heads, and teachers. With support from Australian Aid and CBM Global, NORFIL has been working for years to promote...

11 Jul

A Brighter View

I am Leah, a student of NORFIL Foundation. I was 16 then when I had my first seizure attack, it took me months to reach a diagnosis of epilepsy. I’ve seen many neurologists, paramedics, and medical professionals in my journey, and have had lots of medical equipment strapped up to...

Baby Vince reunited with his mother Jane
25 May

Finally Home

Seeing how fast Vince is growing up, she was at peace despite their temporary separation and was even determined to work harder and be with her child again. Vince was 2 months old when placed in the foster home for temporary placement while his birth mother, Jane returned to her work...

three sisters embracing each other
25 May

A Sister’s Love

Before Cathy sleeps every day, she prayed for her lost sister, Kim, that she is in safe hands. She also prays to be with her again someday. Cathy (not her real name) is a 7-year-old girl. She is just like a normal child of her age; full of energy, innocent and playful. Two...

Zachy celebrating his first birthday with his mom and dad
25 May

Remembered by God

We were excited to start a family as soon as we got married. Like any newlyweds our age, it never occurred to us that something was wrong. Jay and I had been fantasizing about our future children since we were dating. We both wanted a boy first whom we would call...

Jhan practicing to walk
25 May

Determination is Key to Success

It is Jhan’s determination that keeps on reminding Annaliza and Kristopher to implement the home program activities everyday. Five-year-old boy Jhan Legaria is the son of Annaliza, 27 years of age. He has an identical twin brother named James. Before, Jhan cannot stand and lift his head. He cannot utter any word...

A little girl trying to write on a piece of paper with assistance from an adult
25 May

Perseverance is a Way of Hope

We accepted Jaine’s situation that she will live a life dependent on us. We accepted that our child has a disability… “We thought there is no hope for Jaine,” said Mr. Ronil Bantoy and Ms. Bernadeth Hibanada. Jaine Bantoy is a five-year-and-ten-month-old girl, the second child of 31-year-old Ronil Bantoy and 32-year-old...

Evana participating during the Mini Olympics 2017
25 May

One Step at a Time

During that time, I lost all my hope. As a mother, I wanted my daughter to grow like any other children. I wanted her to walk and run and see her play with her peers and send her to school, but how? Evana Divine was only 1 year old when she was hospitalized because of...

Jaira smiling with her custom-made brace called Ankle-Foot Orthosis
25 May

Defying Limitation

Jaira’s condition did not stop her from going to school. Jaira was born with Orthogenesis Imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. It is a genetic disorder that is usually inherited from the parents. Her parents were cousins, and their family did not approve of their marriage. Due to poverty, the...