Partnership for Inclusive Development

About the Program

NORFIL Foundation is the Strategic Partner Organization (SPO) of the Liliane Fonds, in Netherlands, in the Philippines. As an SPO, NORFIL provides financial and technical support to local non-profit and people’s organizations supporting children and youth with disabilities.

A mother facilitating home program for her daughter with assistance from a therapist

Who We Serve

Partners fixing the adjustable wheelchair

We partner with local organizations in providing services to children and youth with disabilities and their families for them to realize their rights.

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A physical therapist and a mother assisting her son to walk using assistive device



To secure that the rights and privileges of the children and youth with disability are properly exercised and implemented


To ensure that nothing should be a barrier in achieving the rights of the children and youth with disability; gender, race, age, ethnicity, financial status or family background should not be a hindrance


To acknowledge and empower the importance of family in the care provided for the children and youth with disabilities

Advocacy and Awareness

To promote the rights and privileges of children and youth with disabilities and to equip the people with proper knowledge and skills to treat them properly

Pro-Poor Development

To empower and target the poor to help in the advancement of their needs through creation and implementation of policies

Logo: Liliane Fonds. Tagline: Open the world for a child with a disability. Click here to go to their website.

About Liliane Foundation

Liliane Foundation is a Dutch disability focused organization established in the 1980 as a private initiative of Liliane Brekelmans-Gronert.

The organization was established to urgently address the exclusion and lack of access to services for children with disabilities, who are disproportionately poor in the low income countries.

Parents from CBR Smile participating during the training

Where We Serve

Office: 16 Mother Ignacia Avenue corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City

Landline: (02) 7719 9230

Mobile: (+63) 908 891 2059 / (+63) 956 468 5040

E-mail:; (for the Down Syndrome Project)

Key Persons:
Maria Theresa dela Cruz, Program Manager


Among the different sectors of society, children and youth with disabilities sector is one of the least prioritized and neglected. NORFIL provides an avenue for their voice to be heard and their needs to be attended through the PFID program.

Support us as we walk towards the realization of the rights of children and youth with disabilities. One basic step you can start today is using inclusive language and avoiding discriminatory terms when addressing them.

A disability does not define one’s whole being.

Make sure to follow our Facebook page and check our events to learn and be equipped with the right knowledge and skills about disability through different workshops, seminars, talks, etc.