Small ways make big changes. Help us serve the children with disabilities.

Volunteers checking a child with disability

Let your time, skill, and passion be life-changing!

We are in need of professionals such as doctors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physical therapists.

Volunteers facilitating home program

Why volunteer?

Volunteering for a cause not only helps persons in need but also allows the volunteer to enrich his or her self by being more compassionate and immersing in the social reality and experiences of people from various walks of life. This is also an opportunity to contribute to the development of our own country and work with others like yourself who have a desire to strengthen and unite the Filipino nation.

NORFIL volunteers are the walking advocates for an inclusive society. They become well-equipped to aid the children and youth with disabilities, their family, and their community. Trainings, seminars, and workshops are provided to help the volunteers get started and be knowledgeable about the tasks that will be given to them.

a volunteer conducting a check-up for a child
NORFIL staff training a mother on how to facilitate home therapy for her son

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    You can help transform the lives of children, their family, and even their community.